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Unity Score

The maximum Unity Score is 499.

Unity Score affects the score obtained from Burst Appeals (as shown by "Danketsu" appearing on the appeal circles when you burst.) 

Burst Appeal Score = Unity Score × Interest Multiplier × 2
Example: When the Unity Score is 499 and the Interest Multiplier is 1.50, the Burst Appeal Score is:
  499 × 1.50 × 2 = 1497

Base increase (will always increase every week)
    Under normal conditions: +4
    When highly motivated: +5

Other increases:
    New song announced: +2
    Lessons: +1
    Shopping: +1
    Day off: +1
    Cheer: +2
    Correct answer on geography quiz: +2
        ※ So if you do work and a lesson on the same week, higher score will come out of this.
    When the fan count for an area crosses the following and you get a fan letter: +5
        5000, 15000, 30000, 60000, 100000
        ※ However, if multiple fan letters come, you only get the +5 from one letter.
        ※ Even if you cross 5000 and suddenly get over 15000, crossing two levels or, via a National Audition or similar, more than one area increases at the same time, you still only get +5
        ※ If you go up one level and then back down, the Unity Score will not increase when you raise the fan count again.
        In addition to the above, there are other fan letters which come, but conditions and Unity Score increase for those are unknown.

If your idols are fatigued, the Unity Score increase becomes +1 / +2 instead of +4 / +5.