Who's Not Talking?

"Dare ga inakunatta deshou?"

Recording ways to distinguish the idols' voices.

Idol Characteristics
Haruka (春香) Voice is always one step behind the other characters.
Miki (美希) A high voice. The final "shou" is not emphasised.  Difficult to distinguish if she and Mami are in the same unit.
Chihaya (千早) A very calm and gentle voice, pitch dropping right at the end of "deshou".
Yayoi (やよい) There is a "reru~" sound to her speech. (TL note: It seems our friends at the Wikia couldn't come up with a way to translate this either.) Can be difficult to distinguish if she and Miki, Mami or Hibiki are in the same unit.
Yukiho (雪歩) Compared to other characters, her voice is weaker and lower volume.
Makoto (真) Enunciates the line quite clearly.  Her "da" is particularly distinctive.
Mami (真美) A high voice. Not quite to the extent of Hibiki, but the final "shou" is louder. Difficult to distinguish if she and Miki are in the same unit.
Takane (貴音) Speaks slightly faster than Chihaya and her voice is slightly higher on the whole.
Hibiki (響) The final "shou" is spoken super loudly at the end of the line.