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Sales State Changes

Usually, each week sales fall until they stop almost completely on the 5th week.

However, by inducing a state change, you can extend the sales period or tremendously boost sales which were otherwise stagnant.

In addition, if fan numbers are healthily increasing, songs marked as "very popular" (大人気) on the charts will slowly get sales due to word of mouth.

Refer to the Internal Data Guide for more information about this.

State Change Summary

State Change Applies to Effect Ranking Indicator Continues for Stage Conditions
Keep Latest release Sales coefficient decay stops for one week KEEP (PS3 only) 1 week Live (excluding Quintets)
Break Latest release Sales coefficient explosively increases BREAK 2 weeks Festival
Revival Older releases Sales coefficient explosively increases REVIVAL 3 weeks Audition (National or Area)
Super Break Songs in preparation Occurs on week of release
Sales coefficient explosively increases
SUPER BREAK 3 weeks Quintet Live

State Change Condition Specifics

※Black portions of the text are taken from the manual, red portions are information taken from comments or the guide thread.


  • You succeed at a Live on that week
  • As long as the above conditions are satisfied, this state change can be induced multiple times for a single song.
  • This state change can be induced even if a song is in Break or Super Break status.  In this situation, the number of weeks the song remains at Break or Super Break will be extended.
  • A Quintet Live where the guest idols don't show up can also cause a keep. It's unclear whether a keep can occur if the guest idols show up.
  • In the manual, the condition is written as the song being the latest release, but keeps can actually occur for any song.


  • The song is currently being produced
  • 10 weeks have passed since release
    (there are several reports of this meaning 10 weeks after the first day of preparation.)
  • The song is the latest release
  • You succeed at a Festival on that week
  • The song you used is not in some other status (e.g. Revival)
    (it's fine if other songs are in some other status)


  • 10 or more weeks have passed since release
  • The song is not the latest release
  • You succeed at an Audition on that week
  • The song you used is not in some other status (e.g. Break)
    (it's fine if other songs are in some other status)

Super Break

※Not recorded in the manual, so the conditions here are conjecture.  Awaiting further information.
  • During the preparatory period from choosing the song to the first week of release (4 weeks)
  • Succeed at a Quintet Live on that week
  • It's unclear whether the guest idols have to appear or not. The assumption is they have to, because a Quintet Live where they don't shop up can cause a Keep.
  • The song used for the encore (the quintet song itself) can be different from the one you're preparing, e.g. if you are preparing Kirame Kirari, you can use MEGARE!

About Lucky Stars

When you are on stage and get a PERFECT, occasionally stars will appear.  If these build up, the chance of a state change will increase.

To improve the chances of stars appearing:

  • Equip accessories where the description starts with "○○シリーズ", in a set
  • Have your idol sing her personal song
  • Have the idol for whom it is the personal song perform as centre (?)