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Akizuki Ritsuko

This is a guide to the communication when choosing Ritsuko for the Extra Episode.

The choices below basically aim to give you a perfect clear.

It goes without saying, but this is pretty much 100% spoilers.

Greetings at the start have no effect on clearing the scenario.

Week 1

Event Choice 1 Choice 2
During work 竜宮小町だよ 俺が~面倒を見る
After IU nomination 気楽に行こう 理想を

Week 2

Event Choice 1 Choice 2
During work いやしてくれるから ごめん!
After IU semi-final 今日の反省だ! 自信かもな

Week 3

Event Choice 1 Choice 2
Before IU final マニュアルについてか? 火は~消せ