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Unit Status

The overall status of how your idols are performing as a unit is indicated by the icon in the circle on the top right.

You will want to get to Enthusiastic and keep it there as much as possible. This becomes fairly easy once you get good at morning and evening communications.

Enthusiastic Everyone is getting along well and particularly enthusiastic about their work.
Dancing Someone in the unit is focused on dance. If you do a dance lesson...
Sparkling Someone in the unit is focused on visual. If you do a visual lesson...
Humming Someone in the unit is focused on vocal. If you do a visual lesson...
Normal Everyone is getting along and enthusiasm is at a normal level.
Showoff One girl has a huge amount of enthusiasm but the other two are being left out.
The others are annoyed by the one girl having a high amount of energy.
Sulking Two girls are getting along but one girl is feeling left out.
Fighting Two of the girls in the unit are having a fight. The two who are fighting will not have much energy for work and the girl caught in the middle won't be able to behave if it keeps up.
Fatigued Someone in the unit is fatigued. That girl will have her normal energy level for work.
Burned Out The unit is experiencing an even higher level of fatigue. If this continues, it is a risk for their health and there is a good chance they will skip work.
Strained Everyone in the unit is at low morale and nobody will have the energy for work.

At the start of the game you will be in Normal status. As mood increases the unit status will move towards Enthusiastic and if the mood of any girl decreases the unit status will move towards the various bad statuses depending on their mood balance.

While in Enthusiastic status, an additional point of Unity Score is gained each day.

The Dancing, Sparkling and Humming status appears to be entered depending on which of your unit's Dance, Visual and Vocal statistics is the highest, but it is unclear what triggers it. I have seen it triggered after doing multiple lessons of that type in a row but I have also seen it triggered after doing multiple different lesson types or even multiple stage performances in a row. The actual effects of this status are still unknown and the manual leaves them unclear.

From Normal status, you can get to Fatigued status in as little time as two days if you leave all lessons to your idols and tell them to do them at full power.

If you enter Fatigued status, you lose the opportunity to do evening communications and in addition, if you continue to work them too hard, there is a risk of them not coming to work the next day. Additionally, it is possible for them to skip work without entering Fatigued or Burned Out status before doing so, if they are close to being fatigued due to the previous days. They won't skip work if there is a compulsory event on the next day, though, so if you're trying to work them as hard as possible (e.g. to complete lessons and stages as fast as possible in order to level up and gain money quickly without spending too much real time in the game), this can be exploited.