Morning Greetings

From week 4 on the very first thing you must do (except for 2 weeks where you have the chance to choose a new leader first) is to select a unit member for the morning greeting. The idol will then say something and you get 2 possible answers. The sentences the idols say are different for each idol, but the possible answers are the same. Choosing the correct answer increases the intimacy score.

There are two types of idol comments. In the first case of the first type they say something nice, in the second case they complain about something. Even if you don't understand Japanese, it's usually easy to tell the two types apart just from the tone in their voice and from their movements.

In case of a nice comment all your idols will be happy if you answer correctly, on the other hand they will all be sad or angry if you answer incorrectly.

 Correct Wrong
OK。覚えとく ふーん・・・・・・
うん、考えとくよ 本当か?
うん、わかったよ なんだ、そうか・・・・・・
よし、いい感じだな! おいおい、空回りするなよ
そうか。 俺も同じ気持ちだよえっ。 そうなんだ・・・・・・
やる気を感じるよ! 余計なことは 言わなくていいぞ
そうか。安心したよ うーん、不安だなあ

If the idol complains you can either reprehend her, which makes her sad or angry, but pleases the other two, or you can agree to what she said and make her happy, but this will have negative effects on the others. You should always choose to reprehend the idol.

 Correct Wrong
気にするな そうだよな
ちょっと どうかと思うぞ たまには、そういう こともあるよ
ムリ言うなよ いい考えだな
わからないな よくわかるよ
期待はずれだよ・・・・・・ 考えはわかった
そんなこと言うなよ そうかもしれないな
そんなこと 言われると困る それでも いいじゃないか