Changes in the PS3 Version

(Updated from the Japanese version of 2011/11/19 (Sat.) 14:16:16)
This page was created for the purpose of gathering information.  To some extent, the aim is to determine the accuracy of information and organise it.
Black text is information which was released before sale, red text is information from threads, comments and the like.

This page covers points where the PS3 version has changed from the Xbox 360 version.
If you notice anything, aren't sure, think something needs further investigation or anything else, please leave a comment. [translator: In our case, it might just mean that the page is out of date.]
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Additional Difficulty Selection

Difficulty NORMAL (compared to the Xbox 360 version)

  • Leaving lessons and stage performances to the idols is enabled from the very first week.
  • Adjusted balance for winning the IA Grand Prix (conditions themselves have not changed.)
  • The Utahime-Utaōji Festival, along with the VESPERIA Festival, are no longer possible to leave to the idols.
  • Each individual item for the producer evaluation stops at A at the highest point (cannot get an S.)

Difficulty HYPER (compared to NORMAL)

  • During the end-game, Festivals appear where you can battle against Ryuugu Komachi with their new song "七彩ボタン" and costume "プリンセスメロディ♪".
  • Leaving lessons to the idols becomes possible after clearing Hyper once.
  • Leaving stage performances to the idols becomes impossible.
  • Right from the start, high difficulty stages appear (resulting in money and fans becoming easier to acquire.)
  • The money and fan count you can acquire from doing jobs increases.
  • Clearing unlocks special accessories.
  • The fan count threshold for the Utahime-Utaōji Festival to appear is increased to 150,000.
  • Sales numbers required to level up your rank are increased.

Stage For You!

  • You can watch the Jupiter trio and solo on stage.
  • Available stages are gradually unlocked by clearing certain Auditions, Lives or Festivals.
  • Improving on the stages in the Xbox 360 version, stages which you can use for a Quintet have increased by 4 for a total of 8.
    ※  There are reports that even if you complete all 34 stages in the Xbox 360 version, the total you can use for a Quintet is only 7.

Dotop TV

  • The scrolling rankings can be stopped by pressing Start, and can be scrolled in any direction using the directional buttons.
  • Even if they are still scrolling, hitting  ( on a Japanese PS3) will immediately close the screen.
  • When Ryuugu Komachi's and Jupiter's current songs are on the ranking, the scrolling will stop briefly before continuing again.

Costume Options

  • You can use the Street Hopper (ストリートホッパー) (a costume found in the Xbox 360 DLC) as lesson clothes, even if you haven't obtained it. Yet, in the Xbox 360 version, it still cannot be used for this.
  • You can use The Best Schoolmate (ザベストスクールメイト) (a costume fount in the Xbox 360 DLC) as school clothes, even if you haven't obtained it yet.


  • Additional songs, "READY!!" and "七彩ボタン"
  • Songs from the Xbox 360 DLC, "Little Match Girl", "Honey Heartbeat", "愛 LIKE ハンバーガー" are included from the start.


  • Additional costume, Ryuugu Komachi's costume, Princess Melody (プリンセスメロディ♪)
  • Additional costume for use with Jupiter in S4U! mode, Weiß Jupiter (ヴァイスジュピター).
  • Additional DLC costumes up to volume 3 of the Xbox 360 Catalog, available as long as you fulfil the conditions.
  • Floral costume, Snow Strawberry NEO (スノーストロベリーNEO) is replaced with The Wild Strawberry (ザ☆ワイルドストロベリー).
  • To unlock the Beyond the Stars (ビヨンドザスターズ) costume you must produce Miki, Hibiki and Takane as leaders, not just one of them.


  • Xbox 360 DLC accessories, Happy Earmuffs (ハッピーイヤーマフ), Burger Badge (バーガーバッジ), Chemical Light Bangle (ケミカルライトバングル) are available from the early stages.
    However, they have been weakened to the level of other starting accessories.
  • Accessories from up to volume 3 of the Xbox 360 Catalog as well, are available as long as you fulfil the conditions.
  • Hand accessory, Pink no Pompom (ピンクのポンポン)  is replaced by Ghost Puppet (ゴーストパペット).
  • Together with the above changes, Pacman (パックマン), Dot Ichigo Seal (ドットイチゴシール), Ghost Puppet (ゴーストパペット) and Pacman Boots (パックマンブーツ) are treated as a set.
  • Body accessory, Dokodemo Kaiga (どこでも絵画) is replaced by DekaZenmai (デカぜんまい).
  • The price of the Ohime-sama Tiara (お姫様ティアラ) has been reduced from 999,999 to 990,000.


  • It is now possible to choose whether you will go shopping for amulets or not.
  • There is now a dedicated screen for purchasing them.

Utahime-Utaōji Festivals

  • It is now possible to challenge the same Utahime-Utaōji Festival until you win.

Stage Performances

  • When you don't pass / fail / get defeated it is possible to retry the Audition / Live / Festival.
  • At NORMAL difficulty, one round of Festivals with your rivals (Ryuugu Komachi, Jupiter) is easier to play than the difficulty level would suggest.
    Additionally, retrying does not have an effect on your producer evaluation.

Stage Scenes

  • You can now select the idol the camera is tracking with a single button press.
  • With the R3 button, you can toggle between lyrics displayed / not displayed.
  • When camera is in "UP CAM" or "MID CAM", with the L3 button you can choose whether the camera follows an idol or not.


  • Tutorials and offers to leave performances and lessons to the idols can now be set to "off".

HDD Install

  • The game now installs to the hard drive automatically.

Memory Level

  • Is now easier to increase.


  • The addition of the Extra Episode (detailed information on that here.)
  • The first strike of Chihaya's burst has changed from Vocal to Visual (the outcome of this is a change in her burst rates.)
  • At the event on week 10, the unit status falls considerably due to defeat, but on week 11 they are back to normal status again.
  • Information about renewed sales of a song are not revealed right after you return to the office but are now revealed after Dotop TV.
  • During a mail boost, the effect of this on the unit is now displayed under Unit Information (ユニット情報) (Memory Appeal voltage increase rate UP.) 
  • The performance of some of the amulets has been adjusted (May Queen (メェ~クイーン) and Raccotchi (ラコッチ)?