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Unit Training Policy

In this game, getting high CD sales is the main key. Getting high scores at stage performances comprises an important part of this. How to raise your unit to achieve these high scores is what you have to think about, and one of the most enjoyable things about the game.

Here we will introduce a few different policies for training your unit.

Basically, being in possession of particular amulets (from the 2nd play-through onwards) is assumed, so it's better if you use the first time through the game to purchase a decent amulet.

■ Balanced Style

Raising all stats (dance, visual, vocal) equally, this is the most orthodox style.

However, due to the system in this game, it is not particularly suitable to clear the game without using retries or if you are trying for complete victory.

Moreover, greatly improving statistics as much as you can does not improve your success at Festivals, so it can be considered to be a thorny path.

Because of this, it is not really recommended for people looking for a reliable guide to win the game.

By the way, by holding the "白川結ゲローンセンお守り" amulet, you can get the true value of this raising policy. On the other hand, if you are not holding this amulet, you can't expect to get much score at all.

This policy is aimed at people playing through for the first time.

■ Singular Focused Style

This is a policy where out of the stats (dance, visual, vocal), you choose just one and focus on raising that one.

At stage performances, to make the best use of that stand-out ability it is necessary to appeal to it.

Because of the structure of the game, it makes getting high scores easy.

You should probably read Stage Performance Tactics and aim to improve your score.

On top of this, as long as you possess particular amulets, you can expect a much bigger increase in score.

About this, please also read about Two-Focused Style.

■ Two-Focused Style

This is a derivative of the Singular Focused Style above.

Raising two statistics (Dance+Visual / Visual+Vocal / Vocal+Dance), it is a method where you also raise the second statistic, which is what you will be appealing to when increasing the attention rate of the main statistic.

Among the other policies introduced thus far, this is the most suitable for aiming for high scores.

Basically, as you get used to the game, when you start to find space in the schedule, you should be paying attention to how you are aiming to raise the unit.

Fundamentally the same as Singular Focused Style, it is a method where you choose one ability to be the main and focus on raising that one, but while looking for a suitable time to also raise the ability which will help increase the rate of the main one.

For instance, if you're raising dance and visual, visual will become the main ability you will be improving, while looking for an opportunity to also improve dance.

If you raise your unit to Image Level 16, depending on your amulet and your unit members, scores of 75,000 and over are no longer a dream.

Whether using Singular Focused or Two-Focused Style, it is recommended to hold "rate decay down" (レート減少量DOWN) type amulets. They make it possible for a high rate to be maintained for longer, so you can expect an even higher score.

For producer assessment, you should go and read Producer Assessment and Rank.

For the different endings, you should go and read Ending Conditions.

What follows is reproduced from a 2ch thread.

Recommendations for second play-through onwards - a report from someone who achieved a clean sweep, excerpted from a thread.

513 : Anonymous@InformalGuide : 2011/02/26(Sat.) 02:48:12.32 ID:clC2opHv

I easily achieved a clean sweep of all awards.

First, get a score of 26,000 or above on your first Audition and by the time you have progressed to the 4th week of release you should enter Rank 20 or above, unlocking difficulty levels up to 10.

After that, quickly hold lessons until you can do difficulty level 8 and then move onto getting fans.

I was taking jobs costing 25,000 if they were available and using the remaining time slot with a lesson.

Aside from that, just do your best. My final statistics were quite sub-standard.

[ - this image is no longer around, even if you correct the typo in the URL.]

A week before the final Festival with Jupiter, I was able to clear the final special Festival so the unit level was still quite low.

How could I possibly improve on that? Collecting better costumes is about the only thing I can think of. ww

542 : Anonymous@InformalGuide : 2011/02/26(Sat.) 03:36:05.15 ID:clC2opHv

I will write down as much specific advice as I can remember.

  • Getting into the top 20 with your first song

Equip the appropriate "rate decay" amulet (にくワンのお守り, リンカモのお守り, あわんこのお守り).

For costume and accessories, raise the same two statistics for which the amulet is helping to reduce the rate decay.

At the audition, first raise the rate of one appeal by using the other (e.g. for あわんこ, if you use vocal appeal the dance appeal rate will increase) until you reach the target rate for the second appeal.

The rate will be high, so keep appealing until the burst.

At the end of the burst appeal, have the idol whose burst rate is highest (1.30 or 1.20) use the appeal enhanced by the amulet.

After that, until the burst, continue to use that appeal → at the burst (repetition omitted.)

Of course, get a full chain.

  • Battles vs. Ryuugu Komachi and Jupiter

With the amulet as mentioned above, raise a suitable statistic for the unit.

At the beginning of the performance, using a Memory Appeal will raise the target rate to 1.10.

After that, by bursting, it will return to 1.30.

I think you can probably beat Ryuugu Komachi even if you don't get a full chain.

Jupiter being Level 11, with a full chain, I won with 17,000 points separating the two scores.

  • Song choice This time around my sales numbers were judged at A but for the purpose of aiming for S.

Use the three idols' personal songs for songs 3, 4 and 5 and you will earn more Lucky Stars.

I don't know if the S Line is 550 or 600, but it seems like you might need to Break or Revival two songs or you won't make it. [translator: how old is this information? Is it referring to the PS3 version? Because according to conflicting information, you can only get S Rank on Hyper and Hyper only exists on the PS3 version, doesn't it?)

  • About reporters

If Yamahara-san is present, you should take the opportunity to get an increase in that area's fan count.

Also, the lesson reporter or the fan increase reporter are good, aren't they.

  • About each award

I can't say for sure yet, but after clearing the Utahime-Utaouji Festival, even if the fan count drops considerably, it seems you still get the award, so you should take control of each area one by one.

I didn't take notes but the difficulty level of each area's Utahime is fixed, so I think this will become a guide to which order to do them in.