Ending Conditions

IA Grand Prix

The IA Grand Prix is won by having a CD in the top 10 at its highest point in the charts, plus a total fan count of 300,000 or over.

On Hyper mode, you will need a CD in the top 5, plus a total fan count of 500,000 or over.

IA Area Awards

Area Awards are won by getting the fan count for an area over 100,000 (150,000 on Hyper mode) and getting a single into the top 20, then succeeding at the Utahime-Utaōji Festival which will appear in the area.

There is no award of this sort in the Capital (首都) Area.

Area Award Name Won in Area Festival Difficulty Level (on Hyper mode)
SNOW WHITE Kitahigashi (北東) 7 10
FOREST GREEN Chūō (中央) 8 11
PHOENIX RED Kamigata (上方) 9 12
BLACK PEARL Nishi (西) 8 11
OCEAN BLUE Minami (南) 7 10


Conditions Notes
IA Grand Prix and all Area Awards won a.k.a. "True End"
IA Grand Prix won but not all Area Awards a.k.a. "Good End" - the three idols' faces as you look up into the blue sky
IA Grand Prix not won but some Area Award won a.k.a. "Normal End" - the plane the producer is on is...
None of the conditions above satisfied a.k.a. "A Capella End"