Trivia and Bugs


Circles on the load screen

When the circles appear on the loading screen, pushing the corresponding button will make them spring and jump up.

Prefecture names

At the start of a work activity, the name of the prefecture (or city, etc.) is displayed in the bottom right corner, but sometimes it is different from the one in the problem.

On the work selection screen, on the map of the area you are choosing to work, you can see which prefecture the work will be in.

Background scenes

北海道 Hokkaidō Clock tower
青森  Aoyama
岩手  Iwate Jōdogahama
宮城  Miyagi Ōsaki Hachiman-gū 
秋田  Akita  
山形  Yamagata  
福島  Fukushima  
茨城  Ibaraki  
栃木  Tochigi  
群馬  Gunma  
埼玉  Saitama Toki no Kane (The Bell of Time), Kawagoe 
千葉  Chiba Makuhari Shin-Toshin
東京  Tōkyō Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office 
神奈川 Kanagawa Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama
新潟  Niigata  
富山  Toyama Kurobe Dam
石川  Ishikawa Kanazawa Harbour 
福井  Fukui  
山梨  Yamanashi  
長野  Nagano NAOJ Nobeyama Radio Observatory
岐阜  Gifu  
静岡  Shizuoka  
愛知  Aichi Port of Nagoya Garden Pier
三重  Mie  
滋賀  Shiga  
京都  Kyōto Ginkaku-ji (Jishō-ji)
大阪  Ōsaka Tsutenkaku,  Namba Grand Kagetsu
兵庫  Hyōgo Himeji Castle
奈良  Nara  
和歌山 Wakayama  
鳥取  Tottori  
島根  Shimane  
岡山  Okayama  
広島  Hiroshima Onomichi Bridge
山口  Yamaguchi Akiyoshi Cave
徳島  Tokushima  
香川  Kagawa  
愛媛  Ehime  
高知  Kōchi Harimaya Bridge
福岡  Fukuoka Tenjin Central Park
佐賀  Saga Nijinomatsubara
長崎  Nagasaki Glover Residence
熊本  Kumamoto  
大分  Oita  
宮崎  Miyazaki  
鹿児島 Kagoshima  
沖縄  Okinawa  

Idols who appear at the start of the game

The idol who appears at the start of the game just before you get to the office changes in the following order each time you start a new game:

Mami → Miki → Takane → Hibiki → Yukiho → Makoto → Yayoi → Haruka → Chihaya 

It is "each time you start a new game", so even if you don't clear the game, it works if you just create a new save file as well.

The stories are somewhat connected, so using a free save slot, you can watch them all in a single sitting.

Shadow names

In the sales rankings or at festivals, units called "Shadow★○○○" (シャドー★○○○) appear singing 765Pro songs.

If they get a burst in during a festival, you will see the idol for whom the song is their personal song (e.g., for Shadow★Princess singing GO MY WAY!!, it would be Haruka.)

In addition, if you lose at the festival, you can watch that idol doing a solo encore of the song.

Incidentally, the shadow units corresponding to the idols you are currently producing will never appear.

Unit Name Remarks
Haruka Shadow★Princess
A title used by noble women and, of course, royalty.  (TL note: Well, I think we know this one pretty well in the west so it probably needs no further synonyms included.)
Miki Shadow★Venus
The roman goddess of love and beauty (also, of course, used for the planet.)
Chihaya Shadow★Siren
Appearing in greek mythology, sirens are beautiful, half-human, half-bird (sometimes half-fish) apparitions of the sea who lure sailors in with their singing voice.
Yayoi Shadow★Lakshmi
The hindu goddess of beauty, good harvest and good luck. One of the three highest gods and Vishnu's consort.  Sri-mahadevi.
Yukiho Shadow★Driller
A technician who drills the finger holes in bowling balls.  This demands advanced technique, and there is an accreditation system for it as well.  ... Is what the Japanese wiki says, but it seems to me like it is more likely to be derived from Mr. Driller, another Namco game.
Makoto Shadow★Prince
A title used by noblemen and of course, royalty.  Derived from the latin word for "leading."
Mami Shadow★Artemis
The greek goddess of hunting, chastity and the moon.  Twin sister of Apollo, the god of hunting, music and the sun.
Takane Shadow★Luna
The roman goddess of the moon. Turning this around, it can refer to the moon itself.  In the west, the moon's symbolic colour is white, or "silver."
Hibiki Shadow★Mars
The roman god of war and agriculture (also, of course, used for the planet.)
(cf.) Jupiter
The roman king of the gods and god of the sky (also, of course, used for the planet.)

Origin of names of reporters and sub-characters

In particular, reporter names it appears that each reporter has been given a name associated with their ability.

Name Origin
Ataka Jun
安宅 純
A synthesis of the title of the volleyball manga, "Attack No. 1" and a character who appears in "Sign wa V!", Jun Sanders?
Ariake Jin
有明 仁
Can also be read as "yuumeijin" (famous person.)  Maybe they simply replaced the kanji of yuumeijin (有名人) with different kanji which are read the same?
Koshiba Tooru
小柴 徹
Connected to the character actor with a unique way of speaking, Lou Ohshiba (real name: Ohshiba Tooru)?
Kanamaru Taizou
金丸 大蔵
A mixed up version of the phrase, "Okane ga tamaru zou" (you're making money)?
Yamahara Tarō
山原 太郎
Connected to the main character of Oishinbo, Yamaoka Shirō and his father, Kaibara Yūzan?  Or perhaps the artist famous for works such as the Tower of the Sun (Taiyō no Tō), Okamoto Tarō?
Shikai Masaaki
四海 昌明
IA event chairman.  A synthesis of "shikai" (司会, leading a meeting) and Sakai Masaaki, with the kanji replaced?
Emperor Records company president. Connected to "daifugou" (大富豪, 大 can be read as "oo" and 富豪 can be read as "tomi")? Furthermore, emperor = "mikado" (帝), so there is a connection to The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter as well.
A high ranking unit.  DS's Mizutani Eri's friend? Connected to the net idol (real name: Suzuki Ayane)?
Maou Angel
A powerful unit from the arcade era.  The unit members being unknown is also consistent with the arcade era.  In 2, they sit at around rank 20 for a little while and then suddenly and mysteriously jump to number 1 in the rankings.

Chihaya's final mail

(TODO: Restore spoiler protection)

"Menuet sur le nom d'Haydn" is a song which was created as a kind of play on words by replacing the letters of "HAYDN" with pitches of sound.

Specifically, Letters A to G become their corresponding notes as-is.  H onwards follow in cycles of 7, but with H itself represented as the Germanic spelling of B natural, as shown in the following table:


1 A B C D E F G

4 O P Q R S T U
5 V W X Y Z

By using this table, for instance, "CHIHAYA" becomes "C1 B2 B3 B2 A1 D5 A1".

Now, applying this rule to the title (E4 G4 D3 B3), you get...

More information on the piece itself can be found at Wikipedia.

A message from the staff

In the Dotop TV rankings (up to about the third week?) the following message appears:

Position 100.  Song name, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!  Producer name: Gami-P

Encounters with Kuroi-shachou

In several areas, there are events where you will run into Kuroi-shachou.
  • Around week 16 North East Area (Work)
  • Around week 25 South Area (Work)
  • Around week 34 Kyoto Area (Work or Lesson)
  • Around week 39 Capital Area (Lesson)

Activities in parentheses are reports which have been confirmed.  It is possible that you might meet him before other activities.

From the flow of the conversations it would seem that the events are linked together, so if you don't do it in order (North East → South → Kyoto → Capital) does it not happen?  But actually, the order appears to have nothing to do with it.

Regarding the timing, there are numerous reports of seeing him on other weeks - there seems to be quite a wide range.

People who want to be sure to meet him can do so by paying attention to the schedule above. 

If you don't get to see him, reload and he will appear after holding an activity or two in the area.

There are currently no reports of encounters in the Central and West Areas.

How to avoid giving the idols a day off after leaving work to them

Weeks on which there are compulsory events (night story events, festivals and the like) the idols will not take a week off.

In other words, on the week before such events, even if you leave the performance to the idols, at full power, you don't have to worry about them taking the next week off.

You make sales on the final week too

On week 55 where the IA Awards are announced and you approach the end of the game, the number of sales are counted.

Hidden appeals

  • After a memory appeal hits voltage max and starts adding automatic score, and after the burst appeal, before the circles reappear, it is possible to perform a general appeal (hidden appeal.)
  • Between memory appeal and memory appeal, even if you insert 4 general appeals between them, a memory drive will still occur (has a hidden appeal.)
  • If you perform a memory appeal close to the position where you would get a good, the time where appeals are frozen will decrease by one strike, so if you make use of that, the total number of appeals will increase.

  • When the voltage gauge is about to max out, if you perform a general appeal close to the position where you would get a good, the time where appeals are frozen will decrease by one, so if you make use of that, the total number of appeals will increase.
  • With Waranappee the 10th Amulet, memory drive and the like, if filling up the voltage gauge is taking some time, right in the middle of the gauge's increase, a general appeal can be performed.
  • Memory appeal and burst appeal can be performed at the same time as a general appeal.


Mail bug (Xbox 360 version)

システムの設定→本体の設定→時計→タイムゾーン でタイムゾーンをGMT+00 ~ GMT-12の範囲のいずれかに変更しておけばこの問題は発生しない。
本件に関する公式ブログでの告知(2011/3/4) -> 
本件の修正に関する公式ブログでの告知(2011/4/8) ->

PV Bug (Xbox 360 version)

If, after making and erasing a PV, you play back another PV, the PV which was supposed to be deleted remains as-is, and at the same time, the PV you watched will be deleted.

The specific conditions for this to occur are unknown, but if you plan to delete a PV, then after deleting it, returning to the main menu straight after supposedly avoids the bug.

Even if there is a PV you cannot delete (TL note: how do you get into this situation anyway?), if you reach the max of 50 save slots, by deleting some other PV you don't need, the PV you could otherwise not delete can be deleted as well.

The cause for this is currently being verified.

Yukiho's speech (Xbox 360 version)

Before the showdown with Ryuugu Komachi at Rising Moon on week 10, if Yukiho is a member then after the conversation with Ryuugu Komachi ends, for some reason, rather than Ami, she will ask about Mami.

Also, with Yukiho as leader, if you win the Black Pearl Award, there are too many quote marks (「」) in Yukiho's line and the producer's line is omitted.

Freeze (PS3 version)

After the Ryuugu Komachi and other festivals, there have been cases of the game freezing up.

There are reports that changing things like the song or the outfits can avoid the freeze.  Once you're able to get past the week of the freeze, there is no problem changing the song or costume back to the original.

The particular model of PS3 you're using appears to be unrelated. There are many reports of Extend costumes and Utahime-Utaōji Festivals freezing, but it occurs on normal festivals as well.

Failure to read data (データ読み込み失敗) (PS3 version)

There have been rare cases of failure to read the save data.

If you continue after that happens, there is a risk that the data will be erased, so it is better to immediately quit the game via the PS button.

There are other miscellaneous cases of save data disappearing, so it is recommended to periodically back up save data to an external medium.