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List of Idols

Idol Age Height Weight Blood
Vo Da Vi Total Burst Rate Personal Song
Da Vi Vo
Amami Haruka
天海 春香
17 158cm 46kg O 83 56 82 22 16 18 56 1.00 1.00 1.10 GO MY WAY!!
Hoshii Miki
星井 美希
15 161cm 45kg B 86 55 83 20 17 26 63 0.90 1.20 1.00 Relations
Kisaragi Chihaya
如月 千早
16 162cm 41kg A 72 55 78 30 21 20 71 0.90 1.00 1.20 Me ga Au Toki
0.90 0.90 1.30 (← Xbox 360 version)
Takatsuki Yayoi
高槻 やよい
14 145cm 37kg O 74 54 78 16 19 14 49 1.10 1.00 1.00 Kiramekirari
Hagiwara Yukiho
萩原 雪歩
17 155cm 42kg A 81 56 81 17 14 21 52 1.00 1.10 1.00 Kosmos, Cosmos
Kikuchi Makoto
菊地 真
17 159cm 44kg O 75 57 78 19 23 20 62 1.10 1.00 1.00 Meisou Mind
Futami Mami
双海 真美
13 158cm 42kg B 78 55 77 14 20 16 50 1.20 1.00 0.90 Do-Dai
Shijou Takane
四条 貴音
18 169cm 49kg B 90 62 92 22 17 21 60 0.90 1.10 1.10 My Best Friend
Ganaha Hibiki
我那覇 響
16 152cm 41kg A 83 56 80 20 24 18 62 1.30 0.90 0.90 Shiny Smile

Differences in setting from the first game other than age, figure and official profile

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Idol Similar to 1 Different to, or more obvious than, 1
Amami Haruka Commuting to work from home, far from the office.
Living at least with her mother.
At home, her father has a computer.
Relationship with producer from the True (Dome win) End is reversed.
Hoshii Miki
Has become especially close to Azusa.
Existence of older sister is confirmed in after-work communication (in 1, Nao.)
Both parents' occupations are unclear (in 1, civil servants.)
Kisaragi Chihaya Lost her younger brother in an accident 8 years ago.
Poor at handling electronic equipment.
Parents were divorced from the start (in 1, occurred after a set period.)
Takatsuki Yayoi Father's employment is unstable.
Eldest of the Takatsuki siblings.
Siblings are Chousuke, Kasumi, Kouji, Kousuke.
Has one more sibling (Koutarou)
Both parents work until late at night.
Hagiwara Yukiho Father is extremely strict.
Father has pupils/apprentices.
Father's occupation is clearly stated as construction (in 1, was vague.)
Mother's home town is in Saitama.
Kikuchi Makoto Attending a girls' school.
Father, Shin'ichi, is a member of a racing team.
Father does not treat her as a girl.
Not bad at cooking but not especially good either.
Futami Mami Father is a doctor. Has entered middle school.
Shijou Takane (In SP) Has a grandfather.
(In SP) Is very interested in ramen.
Has a younger sister.
Ganaha Hibiki (In SP) Unable to contact people in her home town very often.
(In SP) Has an older brother who seems a lot like the producer.
Lost her father at a very young age.
Was previously at an idol development school in Okinawa.
Has top class housework ability among idols.
Minase Iori Butler's name is Shindou. Existence of siblings is unclear (in 1, two older brothers)
Miura Azusa Has a poor sense of direction.
Searching for her "fated one."
Very knowledgeable about charms, not just fortune telling.
Futami Ami Father is a doctor. Has entered middle school.
Akizuki Ritsuko Working as an idol was not originally her intent. Family business is unclear (in 1, a store.)
Otonashi Kotori A little older than the producer.
Loves to get wild ideas.