Project Management

Joining the project

If you would like to help out, email me and I will give you edit access. You'll need a Google account, but I figure most people have one by now.

Remaining tasks

Remaining tasks listed in order of priority:

  • Gather more artwork:
    • Gather screenshots for song thumbnails.
    • Gather stage screenshots for each song with appropriate coordination.
  • Add lyrics to song pages. I want to add a marker in the lyrics for the timing of the last appeal.
  • Translate any content from the game manual which might be useful.
  • Go through the English Wikia and compare their content to ours:
    • Theirs was mostly translated as well and some translations could well be better than ours, so use inspiration - but don't steal!
    • See if there are any informational pages which weren't directly derived from the Japanese site or the game manual.

Translation style

  • Some things should be left in Japanese:
    • Correct choices in walkthrough "which answer is correct" type pages
    • Lines spoken by characters
    • Item names in tables
  • Translated, but with the original Japanese name present as well:
    • Item names in paragraph text (Japanese name in parentheses)
    • Festival and other event names in paragraph text (Japanese name in parentheses)
    • Menu labels and other in-game user interface text (Japanese name in parentheses)
    • Names of items, idols and so forth in tables (Japanese name underneath)
  • Always translated (or technically, transliterated):
    • Idol names in paragraph text (we maintain Japanese name order)
    • Song names (we match the naming scheme used on Wikipedia)
  • Also of note:
    • In cases where the original mentions the Xbox controller buttons, we convert them to the PS equivalent and mention the 360 equivalent in parentheses. If you want to copy button icons, check out Lesson Information.
    • In case where the PS3 button differs depending on whether your unit is Japanese or Western, we currently mention the Western button and then put the Japanese button in parentheses with a note saying that it's for the Japanese button positioning. This might change, which is why it's important to clarify.
  • TODO: Come up with standard translations for terminology