Rock Paper Scissors

When you play Janken (rock paper scissors, for people with less exposure to Japanese culture) with an idol, their facial expression generally gives away what they are going to throw.

By the way, this change in expression occurs immediately before the selection choices appear. Also, as you would probably have found out fairly early on, the aim of the game is to lose.

Some people say, "I can't remember all three expressions!" But three draws in a row is also acceptable, so really you only need to remember one facial expression.

For instance, if you only remember their "rock" face, then if they make that face, throw "scissors". If they make any other face, throw "paper", and you will either lose or draw.

Haruka Mouth closed
Eyes strong (open)
Mouth closed
Eyes smiling (closed)
Mouth open
Eyes smiling (open)
Miki Eyes strong Eyes as usual Eyes crossed
Chihaya Mouth corners down ∧ Mouth forms a straight line Mouth corners up ∨
Yayoi Mouth closed
Mouth corners down ∧
Mouth closed
Mouth corners up ∨
Mouth open ▽
Yukiho Mouth strongly shut
Expression stiff
Tip of eyebrows up \ /
Tip of eyebrows down / \
(they stay as they are)
Eyebrows horizontal ― ―
Makoto Eyes strong
Mouth forms a straight line
Eyes half open, as if grinning Eyes smiling
Mouth corners up ∨
Mami Tip of eyebrows up \ / Eyebrows horizontal ― ― Tip of eyebrows down / \
Takane Mouth corners up ∨ Mouth corners down ∧ Mouth forms a straight line
Hibiki Tip of eyebrows raised
Expression stiff
Eyebrows raised
Eyes narrow
Whole eyebrows raised
Normal expression