This time there are several reporters, each with different abilities.

However, in this game, because the decision whether you get a positive or negative effect is directly connected to whether you succeed or fail at work, if you hope to gain the effect of a reporter's support, success at work is absolutely necessary to secure them.

In addition, through careful timing of the reporter joining you, you can even make use of them at the final Festival, or during Hell Training.

List of Reporter Effects

Reporter Name Effect (Positive) Effect (Negative)
Ataka Jun (安宅 純) Voltage gauge increases faster Voltage gauge increases slower
Ariake Jin (有明 仁) Fan count gains increase by 40%
Attention rate increases more (?)
Fan count gains decrease
Koshiba Tōru (小柴 徹) Effects of lessons increase (※1) Effects of lessons decrease
Kanamaru Taizō (金丸 大蔵) Monetary gains increase by 40% Monetary gains decrease
Yamahara Tarō (山原 太郎) Voltage gauge increases faster (※2)
Fan count gains increase by 20%
Attention rate increases more (?)
Monetary gains increase by 20%
Effects of lessons increase (※1)
All effects of work decrease
※1 There are reports that the gauge fill rate during the lesson increases, along with the status gain after the lesson.
※2 Increase in voltage gauge is the same as Ataka's.

Coverage Period

The coverage period for a reporter is 3 weeks.

For instance, if you pass an audition or other stage performance on week 10, you will gain their effects for weeks 11, 12 and 13.

For fan or money acquisition effects, the coverage also effects the starting week in which you catch them, making for a total of 4 weeks of effect.

This means that, in a situation Ataka is present during an audition and then after the audition he switches places with Ariake, you can make use of the voltage increase effect and the fan count increase effect on the same week.

Appearance Pattern

Ataka, Ariake, Koshiba and Kanamaru start appearing in various areas from week 7. Yamahara, from week 9.

If a reporter is not already covering you, they will appear for four weeks, then disappear for two weeks, and repeat that patten over and over.

If a reporter is covering you, if you get coverage from another reporter, or if the coverage period terminates, they will disappear for two weeks, leading back into their original pattern.

On weeks where a compulsory Festival or other event takes up the week, the reporter will not appear and this week will not count towards the weeks of the pattern.

In the unique case of switching from Yamahara to another reporter, rather than the normal pattern of reappearing after two weeks off, he will wait until the reporter you switched to reappears.

Because this is data on reporters with a positive effect, it is possible that reporters with a negative effect have a different pattern.

Important Points

Even if you pick up a reporter, if you get coverage from another reporter in a different area, at that point in time, the reporters will switch places.

If you wish to continue to receive the effects of a specific reporter, one means of doing this is to move in a way which ensures that you do not pick up another reporter.

However, if you use the same reporter for exactly three weeks, next week, no matter which area, no reporters could appear, so switching reporters about every 2 weeks increases the possibility that you can use your preferred reporter without interruption.

Origin of Reporters' Names

The origin of reporters' names can be found on the Trivia and Bugs page.