This was an effort to translate some of the pages on the Japanese Idolmaster 2 strategy wiki. Then I ended up going nuts and translated nearly the entire wiki.

This puts all the walkthrough and strategy information for the game in one place, with a mix of English and Japanese where appropriate. It's handy if you want to use a phone or tablet to look up information while you play.

In contrast to the other site which is doing something similar, this site will primarily cover the PS3 version as that is the version which I believe to be most accessible to the average gamer outside Japan (since the console is not region locked.)

Mention of the 360 controls and information specific to the 360 version does remain in pages which had them initially, but generally we are reversing them to make the PS3 the focus. There are no plans to include "List of ..." pages for the 360 version at the current point in time, but if someone wants to move them over, I won't stop them.

For a list of pages (if you somehow don't see the menu on the left), check the Sitemap.

For information about the translation project itself, including what to do if you want to help out, see Project Management.